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What can I eat when I crave chocolate?
Asked by anonymous on Mar 24, 2008 in Nutrition

I love chocolate.  It is my biggest down fall.  Is there anything else I can enjoy that is similar to it?


If you are not super fussy about chocolate, look for sources that are in low calories and relatively nutritious.  Try Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins, fudgsicle pops, ready-to-eat fat-free chocolate pudding, and sugar-free hot cocoa.  Carob powder is a low fat, naturally sweet alternative to cocoa powder, but candy made from carob is high in fat and calories. Anyone can justify eating dark chocolate because it contains antioxidants  that protect cell membranes. Unfortunately, milk and white chocolate do not have the same effects. Some people are just as happy with a non-chocolate sweet treat; dried fruit and toast with jam may fill the bill. 

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