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What can I eat at the county fair?
Asked by nikkicee on Jul 01, 2008 in Nutrition

My friends and I are going to the local county fair. I absolutely love going to the fair, but the problem is the food! There is so much unhealthy food from fried oreos to funnel cakes to carne asada fries.  I really don't want to eat that stuff, but I don't want to eat nothing.  Can you suggest food choices that are not so bad for me?


The best fair foods are those that contain at least one healthy ingredient: kettle corn, candy apple, watermelon, shish-ka-bob, roasted chicken, veggie burrito, homemade pretzel, or fresh lemonade.  A snow cone, made mostly of water, also fills the bill.  Traditional fair food is full of grease and the portions are huge. To avoid grease, steer clear of deep-fat fried foods, like funnel cakes, and fatty meats, like Philly cheesesteak and racks of ribs.  Practice portion control by sharing food with a friend and by ordering items that are naturally small, like a single corn dog.

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