How should I eat for candida and weight loss?
Asked by anonymous on Dec 02, 2009 in Alternative & Integrative Nutrition

I am struggling with Candida yeast problems.  How can I eat and still lose weight?


In Western medicine, the diagnosis of candida is limited to oral thrush, skin rashes and vaginal yeast infections in people with severely weakened immune systems. But in alternative medicine, intestinal overgrowth of candida is acknowledged and treated with a strict diet devoid of many foods including refined sugar and flour, baked products with yeast, and foods known to carry mold such as cheese, nuts, mushrooms, beer, many fruits and vegetables, and others.  The Guide to Alternative Medicine at provides lists of foods to limit and avoid on the Candida Diet.  But whether or not you follow the Candida Diet, you can still count calories and increase your physical activity to lose weight.  Also add yogurt with “live active cultures” to your diet as a source of beneficial bacteria to re-colonize your gut.

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