Why do I get easily winded when I exercise?
Asked by meow_x on Dec 06, 2008 in Fitness

I'm not fat or anything.  I eat the right food, but when I do cardio exercises, I get really puffed out after five minutes/  Why is this?


You may become easily winded if you are extremely out-of-shape or exercising too vigorously or suffering from fatigue.  Fatigue can be due to under-eating, inadequate rest or psychological stress.  Tailor your exercise program to your physical condition.  Incorporate several small sessions into your day, gradually building up to 30-minutes or more of continuous exercise. To monitor your intensity, perform the “talk test” or wear a heart rate monitor and stay in the 50-80% range.  Your breathing will improve as you continue to exercise.  This advice assumes you don’t have asthma, anemia or another medical condition that causes breathlessness.

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