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Dolores Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address Mexilink Inc.
11767 Katy Freeway, suite 750
Houston, Texas 77079
United States
Phone (281) 754 - 8200
Added 2011-04-14 21:47:55
Consumers find in Dolores Tuna a firm texture, light color and low fat content, resulting in a great flavor that distinguishes it from other brands. U.S. consumers of Mexican and non-Mexican decent choose Dolores Tuna over other brands because of its superior quality and delicious flavor.

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Find in this list:

  • D-  Tuna - Chunk Light, Yellow Fin, In Vegetable Oil
  • D   Tuna - Chunk Light, Yellow Fin, with Jalapeno Peppers
  • D+  Tuna - Yellowfin, Chunk Light, in Water
  • D   Tuna Salad - Yellowfin
  • D+  Tuna - Chuck Light Yellowfin, in Water
  • D   Tuna - Mexican Style
  • D-  Tuna - Chunk Light, Yellow Fin, in Chipotle Sauce
  • D   Tuna - Chunk Light, Yellow Fin, in Pickled Vegetables
  • D   Tuna - Yellowfin, Chunk Light
  • D-  Tuna - Yellowfin, Chunk Light
  • D   Tuna - in Olive Oil
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