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Eating Disorders are not about weight and food. They are symptoms of something much deeper going on. This group offers support while you practice communicating your real feelings without translating them into discussions about weight and food. In fact, talk about weight and food is strictly off-limits here!
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living with bulimia and anorexia

by labyrinth2010 in Introduce Yourself on Mar 09

Hi i am a 48 yr old lady. i've been struggling with both issues for a very long time, since i was a kid. Started out...

Welcome to the Group

by defectinperfection in Introduce Yourself on Jan 13

Hello there my name is Ai, I am 18 and I'm happy to have found this forum as its the sort of thing I needed.1. History...

Thinking about recovery

by cindolin in Introduce Yourself on Jul 26

Well, proteins and fats will not make you gain weight the way you're thinking. If anything, subsisting largely on sugars...

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Triggers Check-In 1 31
This topic was added to post about triggers that cause "acting-out" and to have a place to also post successes.
All Holidays 17 24
What's with all the food!
Dealing with Family and Friends 15 51
They are well-meaning, but do they have to breathe down your neck?
Introduce Yourself 95 232
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