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For digestion, it is better to walk before or after a light meal?
Asked by angiejackson09 on Feb 24, 2009 in Health Conditions

I have read that if I eat when my metabolism is higher, just after walking, it will help aid digestion.  Is it dependent on when I should eat or what I eat (i.e. carbs or protein)?


Regardless of what you eat, walking both before and after eating improves food utilization.  Walking before a meal reduces the rise in blood fats and sugar that occur after eating.  Carbohydrates and protein are used best when consumed within 30 minutes of a brisk walk.  But strolling after a light meal increases the passage of food through the GI track, which is particularly helpful for heartburn sufferers.  Brisk walking after a large meal is not recommended because walking and digestion both divert the blood supply.  When performed together, they double the heart’s work.  Wait at least 60 minutes after eating before walking briskly.

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