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Do different varieties of one fruit have the same nutrients?
Asked by hockeychick143 on Sep 05, 2008 in Nutrition

I eat a lot of fruit and would like to know if it's beneficial to vary the variety. I was thinking of red vs. green grapes, Fuji apples vs. Gala vs. green etc? And the same with cheeses.... I've always read that your metabolism can 'stall' out if you eat the same things every day, and so does a different type of cheese count or not because it is still cheese?


Completely different members of the fruit group (e.g. watermelon vs. blueberries) have varying amounts of the same nutrients as well as separate nutrients, but different varieties of the same fruit do not have significant nutrient differences.  Eating  the same food everyday is not a major problem.  People around the world eat diets that do not vary much, but they thrive as long as their diets are balanced and calories are adequate.  Your metabolism will not “stall out” if your diet is balanced.

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