Can diabetics eat glycerin?
Asked by aussiebrum on Jan 22, 2009 in Health Conditions

Yesterday, my husband bought a Hershey's chocolate syrup labeled "sugar free" but it contains glycerin. He was recently been diagnosed type 2 diabetes. Should he be eating glycerin?


The synthetic ingredient, glycerin, is in the chemical class of carbohydrates, but scientists don't know for sure how glycerin affects blood sugar.  Glycerin does not impact blood sugar in non-diabetics, and so small amounts of glycerin should not affect your husband’s blood sugar.  For diabetics, however, the proof is always in the blood sugar reading.  If your husband's blood sugar two hours after eating glycerin is consistently high for no other reason, then he should consider eliminating it from his diet.  The FDA mandates listing synthetic glycerin as a “total carbohydrate” on the Nutrition Facts panel, but many food manufacturers choose to omit it.  Look for glycerin on the ingredient list.

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