Can a diabetic eat basmati rice?
Asked by chiewai on Dec 01, 2008 in Health Conditions

Which is a better choice for a person with diabetes: light brown parboiled rice or basmati rice?


A diabetic can eat basmati rice but parboiled brown rice is better for a diabetic.  Brown rice is less likely to raise the blood sugar and is more nutritious because it retains the bran and germ. Parboiled brown rice has a lower glycemic index (GI) than white basmati rice, although the GI of long grain basmati rice is lower than the GI of short and medium grain white rice.  Parboiled rice is steamed in the hull, a process that drives water soluble vitamins deep into the grain, which maintains rice’s nutritional profile during the milling process.  Basmati rice is a long grain, perfumed rice that is milled but not parboiled.  Brown basmati rice has a lower GI than white basmati.

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