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I have diabetes. How can I put that into my log?
Asked by leifton on Jan 18, 2011 in Health Conditions

What I mean is to show if the sugar content is too high for my condition.


On the analysis page, where it says, ‘Nutrition settings based on: Calorie Count Recommended Values,’ click ‘Edit’ and change the setting to ‘Diabetic Diet’. The recommended macro-nutrient distribution will be 50% carbohydrate, 20% protein and 30% fat, the guidelines of the American Diabetes Association. (You may set a different distribution as well.) Assuming you don't take insulin or other anti-hyperglycemic medications spread your allotment of carbohydrate evenly over three meals, or meals and snacks, throughout the day.  Avoid snacking during the evening or at night because it's hard to burn blood glucose when you aren't active.  Otherwise, eat a low calorie, balanced diet and exercise to lose weight.  Read about diabetes management at

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