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This group is for teens (anywhere from 12-21 is reasonable) who are willing to FIGHT their old lifestyle, to DOMINATE their urges, and become a person who is living their life HEALTHFULLY and PROUDLY. This is for teens that are angry with outside negativity and just want a few kind words. <br>This group welcomes former alcoholics, former drug addicts, teens who feel depressed, teens who have lost hope, and teens who just want a few kind words. <br> <br>See group bio for rules. <br> <br>DISCLAIMER: This group is no substitute for professional advice/help. It&#039;s just here it case you need a little pick me up on a day when you&#039;re on your compute
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Welcome to the Group

by apugh2 in Introduce Yourself on Feb 03

Hello everyone :) I'm on here because I think I'm finally...sorta...disciplined...not really...to lose weight and stay in shape...

Staff Needed!!

by melocellomelody in Whatever You Need! on Jun 18

I could help also if you are still in need of it. I am stuggling with emotional eating and slowly getting better.

Twlight Movie anyone????

by melocellomelody in Whatever You Need! on Jun 17

I think that the books were better than the movies even though I am looking foward to seeing Eclipse. Anne Rice is definately...

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Forum Posts Replies
Introduce Yourself 1 9
Get started by telling us a little bit about yourself!
Whatever You Need! 2 3
A forum open to whatever it is you want to talk about. Movies? Music? Whatever... ^_^ Cravings... Perhaps? lulz
How can I make myself commit? 2 0
Helping to steer you into a direction that would be good for you. Please tell us your age, gender, and "problem", etc for us to help you ^_^
Emotions!!!! Rarrr! 0 0
Vent! Use all caps! Go ahead! Cuss with those little st*r thingys. Say what&#039;s on your mind!!!!
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Welcome to A.D.T. ^_^

This is a group designed to help teens who just want a little support with any problems they may be having. Teenage years are hard, and sometimes we just need someone else to say they understand what we're going through. There are no rules except for the next three that follow, and they will be STRICTLY enforced.



1) NO FLAMING!!!! This group is to support and help others! Putting people down will NOT be tolerated.

2) NO "END OF THE WORLD" ADVICE." What I mean by this is advice that supports suicide, extreme diets, or any type of unhealthful means of dealing with problems will NOT be tolerated.

3) Be yourself with temperance. Remember, this group is not here to judge you but simply to provide you with support. But despite this, people in this group ARE strangers and when posting you should not give out any information that you would not want a total stranger to know. Keep yourself as anonymous as you feel comfortable.


DISCLAIMER: This group is no substitute for professional advice/help. It's just here it case you need a little pick me up on a day when you're on your computer and want a little support.

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