On-Cor Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Website www.on-cor.com
Address 627 Landwehr Rd.
Chicago, Illinois 60607
United States
Phone 847-205-1040
Added 2010-12-09 19:29:49
Redi-Serve, an On?Cor Frozen Foods, LLC company, offers consumers a wide variety of fully-cooked meat products. They?re found in the fresh meat case of your supermarket and include items such as Chicken Strips, Nibblers and Patties, breaded meats and Rib-Quik (rib-shaped pork patties). We also offer several varieties of our more popular items in convenient resealable Zip Lock bags, which are in the frozen food aisle. Redi-Serve gives you the convenience of fully-cooked products and quality that you have come to expect from On?Cor. Products Tray Wrapped Zip Lock Bags Redi·Serve Recipes

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