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Char Crust Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address 3017 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60657
United States
Phone 800-311-9884
Added 2010-12-22 11:44:39
* Char Crust® dry rub seasonings create a sizzling seared crust, bursting with juicy flavor. In fact, our registered trademark is "Seals in the Juices!" * You can use Char Crust® dry rub on any meat or fish, even vegetables. * Created in 1957 at our family?s legendary Chicago steakhouse, we?ve added new flavors over the years. But we still make our dry rubs ourselves, in small batches with only the best herbs and spices kosher.gif * Char Crust® dry rub is one of very few certified kosher rubs on the market. * Most of our dry rubs have moderate amounts of sodium, and one is actually low sodium.

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