Important Update: Calorie Count will be shutting down on March 15th. Please click here to read the announcement. Data export is available.

The new Food Logger is here. (And it's awesome!)

Get ready to shop for a smaller size this holiday season.

Hello! Watch our video intro to the new Food Logger.

Welcome to the new Calorie Count Food Logger! For a quick tour of all the new features we have to offer, why not take a few minutes and watch our video introduction?

Not a fan of video introductions? Prefer reading? We totally get it. Just follow the steps outlined in our helpful introductory guide below.

Start by finding a food you ate today.

Let's say you had bacon for breakfast. To log it, click the "breakfast" button that appears on top of the food log. In the dropdown that appears, you'll see multiple ways of finding foods. You can type "bacon" in the search field and hit enter. Or, if you know you logged bacon recently, look under "My Recent Items." If you're a huge bacon fan (who isn't?) and have logged it multiple times on our site, it might appear under the "Frequent" link under "My Logged items." Whatever method you choose, click on the entry that matches most closely what you had for breakfast in the search results that appear.

Log it

Adjust the serving size - in this example, you had 2 delicious strips of bacon - then click on the green "Add to Log" button. You'll see the name of the food fly over to the cart on the right hand side of the page, along with the number of calories. Try it!

If you're a frequent bacon eater, try saving it as a favorite. The serving size and calories will be saved along with the tag name.

Create a meal

Do you often eat a specific combination of foods that you've had to log separately (e.g. a bacon sandwich composed of bacon, whole wheat bread, mayo and lettuce)? Now you can group them all into a meal that you can reuse over and over with the handy "Create a meal" feature on the top of the food cart.

Once you clicked on the "Create a meal" link, you'll see checkboxes appear next to each of the individual items you've logged so far. Check the ones you want included in your meal, give the mal a name ("Bacon sandwich"), select which meal this applies to ("breakfast") and hit the "Create Meal" button. Sweet!

My Meals

Any meal you save using the "Create a Meal" functionality in the cart will be saved under "My Meals." You can come straight here to add a meal rather than entering individual ingredients separately.

Mark your day complete

Finished logging for the day? Hit the "Mark day complete" button on the bottom of the cart (or on top of the Food Log page) to view a detailed multi-day analysis of your nutritional patterns.