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Functional Eater

For you, food is fuel. You have a busy lifestyle, and food is not your highest priority. You don't necessarily mind eating out, but you are often under time pressure and occasionally skip meals or have to consume them quickly. You are hard-working and have high aspirations, which should help you deal with dieting just as effectively as you deal with all other challenges in life.

Your Eating Habits

You rarely eat home-cooked meals because of your busy schedule. Instead, you prefer foods that will be easy to prepare and consume. Every once in a while you happen to skip a meal, which then often results in overeating at some other time of the day.

The Solution

Eating healthy does not have to be inconvenient. There are, in fact, many nutritious food items that can be taken to work or prepared at home with minimal time effort. The key lies in thinking ahead and being prepared for short lunch breaks and other difficult circumstances for dieting.

Additional Factors

As a busy mom, your priorities are such that you always come last, and this has resulted in some extra weight over the years. Your kids are the most important thing in the world for you, and this has shifted your focus too much in their direction, so that you neglected yourself. In addition, your busy schedule makes it hard to take enough time for healthy eating and exercising.

Your weight loss success depends heavily on the cooperation of the people around you. They must allow you a little bit more time for yourself, and you could also ask some of your friends and relatives to help out with the daily workload. Last but not least, remember to ask your partner for as much support as possible. After all, your success in weight loss is just as much in his interest as it is in yours!

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