Functional Eater

For you, food is fuel. You have a busy lifestyle, and food is not your highest priority. You don't necessarily mind eating out, but you are often under time pressure and occasionally skip meals or have to consume them quickly. You are hard-working and have high aspirations, which should help you deal with dieting just as effectively as you deal with all other challenges in life.

Your Eating Habits

You rarely eat home-cooked meals because of your busy schedule. Instead, you prefer foods that will be easy to prepare and consume. Every once in a while you happen to skip a meal, which then often results in overeating at some other time of the day.

The Solution

Eating healthy does not have to be inconvenient. There are, in fact, many nutritious food items that can be taken to work or prepared at home with minimal time effort. The key lies in thinking ahead and being prepared for short lunch breaks and other difficult circumstances for dieting.

Additional Factors

We are excited to hear that you recently gave birth, and regardless if this is your first time or not, we would like to assist you in those exciting moments that are ahead of you. Most women cannot wait to lose weight after the birth. Luckily, if you are breastfeeding, the weight will come off much easier than at any other time in your life. Breastfeeding uses even more calories than pregnancy itself -- around 500 calories per day, as opposed to 300 during pregnancy. And even if you are not breastfeeding, your new baby will keep you active and help you return to your normal weight.

Now that you have a baby, preparing three meals a day can be a luxury, and your new lifestyle is more likely to involve grabbing some food between sessions of feeding and playing with your infant. Even though eating smaller meals throughout the day is optimal for keeping your metabolism working at its best, it is quite easy to overeat and fail to lose weight. This makes the management of portion sizes very important, which can be done with the help of food journals. To find out how many calories you should be eating, try our Burn Meter.

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