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Your struggle with weight originates from an ineffective approach to dieting. You seem to have been encouraged to try weight loss methods that were not right for you, and this resulted in unsatisfactory results or even a yo-yo effect. In short, your dieting strategy failed you.

Your Eating Habits

More likely than not, your previous diets did not involve a strong and supportive online community, which was always there for you and supported you along the way. Further, many popular diets allow only certain items and discourage eating many other ones. In our experience, such exclusive diets are not an appropriate long-term solution. Not only do they often result in cravings and are hard to follow through, but their health aspects are questionable as well.

The Solution

The secret to dieting is actually quite simple -- eat less than you burn. This does, of course, require a little bit of discipline and strong will, but you'll be pleasantly surprised how flexible calorie counting is compared to other diets. It does not feature any forbidden foods, and the calorie allowance can be significantly increased with exercise. Last but not least, calorie counting is supported and recommended by the majority of health care professionals.

Additional Factors

As a busy mom, your priorities are such that you always come last, and this has resulted in some extra weight over the years. Your kids are the most important thing in the world for you, and this has shifted your focus too much in their direction, so that you neglected yourself. In addition, your busy schedule makes it hard to take enough time for healthy eating and exercising.

Your weight loss success depends heavily on the cooperation of the people around you. They must allow you a little bit more time for yourself, and you could also ask some of your friends and relatives to help out with the daily workload. Last but not least, remember to ask your partner for as much support as possible. After all, your success in weight loss is just as much in his interest as it is in yours!

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