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Eating Profile: Team Player

The source of your weight problems lies in the people around you. Simply put, if you were left on your own, you would weigh less. This is not to say that you should abandon everyone and isolate yourself, but that you should find a way to combine your weight loss efforts with peer pressure.

Your Eating Habits

Your dieting is characterized by your social obligations. People around you are not supportive of your dieting efforts, and they are not all that health conscious themselves. Therefore, you often find yourself eating late, consuming many meals, or making unhealthy food and drink choices.

The Solution

You probably know what you are doing wrong, but you find it hard to follow through with your resolutions. Don't despair: There are countless ways of making other people happy, and plenty of them will be compatible with a healthy lifestyle. For example, replace bar meet-ups with dancing, meet your friends in the gym instead of in front of a TV, or keep trying new healthy recipes until your family discovers something new that they like.

Additional Factors

As a busy mom, your priorities are such that you always come last, and this has resulted in some extra weight over the years. Your kids are the most important thing in the world for you, and this has shifted your focus too much in their direction, so that you neglected yourself. In addition, your busy schedule makes it hard to take enough time for healthy eating and exercising.

Your weight loss success depends heavily on the cooperation of the people around you. They must allow you a little bit more time for yourself, and you could also ask some of your friends and relatives to help out with the daily workload. Last but not least, remember to ask your partner for as much support as possible. After all, your success in weight loss is just as much in his interest as it is in yours!

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