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Facebook Connect : What are cookies and why are they required for Facebook Connect? (FAQs)

<p>Cookies are small text files placed on your hard drive to store information for authentication purposes. The site that places the cookie on your computer becomes the owner of that cookie, and other sites may or may not have access to that cookie depending on your browser's privacy settings.</p> <p>When accessing a cookie from a domain name that is also the cookie's owner, that cookie is referred to as a 1st party cookie. In contrast, when browsing on and attempting to access a cookie placed by, that cookie is referred to as a 3rd party cookie (and it would become a 1st party cookie if you went on and tried to access it from there).</p> <p>The nature of Calorie Count's integration of Facebook requires users to be able to log into Facebook from within Calorie Count. This means that Facebook needs to be able to access Facebook's cookies from within our domain, which makes those cookies 3rd party cookies. Therefore, in order to use Facebook Connect, 3rd party cookies much be enabled in your browser's privacy settings. To learn how to enable this option, <a href="">click here</a>.</p>

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