Calorie Count Mobile : What is CC Mobile? (FAQs)

<p>Calorie Count Mobile is a mobile version of the Calorie Count website. It is accessible from any mobile phone with a WAP- or web-enabled browser, which includes iPhones, Android smartphones, BlackBerry devices, Palm OS, Motorola's RAZR, and the majority of other phones sold in the U.S. <br /><br /> CC Mobile offers users the ability to search for Nutritional Facts and ratings of food products. This now can be done directly from restaurants, shops, or any other place where you have to make spontaneous eating decisions.  Users with accounts can log and review their food, activity, and weight logs.  Daily progress can be analyzed with the easy-to-use dashboard.  All CC Mobile users also have access to Calorie Count's daily blog.</p> <p>Access CC Mobile from your phone's web browser by navigating to <strong></strong></p>

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