Community : What are privacy filters and how can I set them up? (FAQs)

Privacy filters allow you to group your friends based on the levels of access that you want to provide them with. This is done by going to "Community" and then to "Privacy Filters." As a default, you will see one pre-configured filter called "Friends Only." That list contains all your friends, which can be redistributed into several new additional groups with varying levels of access rights. <br><br> Let's look at how to create those groups by looking at some practical examples - for the purpose of this demonstration, let's assume that your friends list consists of Billy, Mary, John, and Sara. <ul> <li>If you wanted to post a public journal entry and allow everyone to see it, you do not need a privacy filter - just choose the default setting "Public" when submitting the entry. This way, your entry is forwarded to all four of your friends, and also everyone else on the website can access it by looking up your journal section.</li><br> <li>If you wanted to only allow your friends to see the post, you could specify the pre-configured filter "Friends Only" while submitting your entry. This way your friends would be forwarded the journal entry, but nobody else would be allowed to see it.</li><br> <li>To allow only Billy Mary to see your post, you should create a new filter and give it a distinct name - in this case we will call it "Close Friends." Check the boxes next to Billy's and Mary's handles and use the Up and Down buttons to move those two friends to the "Close Friends" privacy filter. If you specify that filter while submitting your post, only Billy and Mary will get to see it, and nobody else will ever know that you created a new journal entry.</li><br> <li>If you specified the "Friends Only" privacy filter in the example above, Billy and Mary would still get to see the post, since the higher-positioned filters are still able to see posts made to lower-position groups.</li> </ul>

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