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My Account : Instantaneous tracking with Eat and Burn Meters (FAQs)

Eat and Burn Meters can be found under My Account/My Home. They provide you with a quick and instantaneous overview of your calorie intake and output, allowing you to plan your intake of food throughout the day. Let's look at how each one of these meters work. <br><br> The Eat Meter represents the number of calories you have logged at the present time. As long as you keep your food log updated, the Eat Meter will give you a precise and graphical overview of how close you are to your daily calorie allowance. The allowance is pre-set based on your demographic information and dietary goals that you provided us with, but it can be manually overwritten in <a href="/cc/account/edit.php">Account Settings</a>. <br><br> The Burn Meter shows you the number of calories that your body burns as the day goes on. The total estimate is derived from your demographic information and activity level you provided us with. <br><br> These two meters make dieting easy! All you need to do is pay attention to the following two readouts: <ul> <li>Total daily intake<br>Clearly, it is your goal to stay within the daily calorie allowance, so be careful when the Eat Meter starts approaching the dotted line - that would be a good time to stop eating for the day (assuming you kept the allowance at its default value or higher).</li><br> <li>Pace of food intake<br>Try to keep the number of calories consumed the same or lower than the number of calories burned at any instant of the day. In other words, have for breakfast about as much as you have burned since midnight, and continue with this approach throughout the rest of the day. You should have the dinner at about the time when your Burn Meter reaches the number of calories of your daily allowance. At that point, eat until your Eat Meter reaches its dotted line, and then stop.</li> </ul>

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