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General : What's the best way to get integrated into the community? (FAQs)

You'll quickly learn what an important part of the program the community is; many members credit their success to the community support. But it is important to know where to ask for support and how - here are three easy steps to get you started: <ol> <li>Create a <a href="/cc/account/profile.php">public page</a> for your account. This will allow people to learn who you are and it might get them interested in dieting together with you.</li> <br> <li>Introduce yourself on our <a href="/forums/1.html">Weight Loss forum</a>. Tell us a little about yourself, what your goals are, and how you are hoping to accomplish them. That's a good way to get the conversation going and to start meeting people.</li> <br> <li>Add people you communicate with to your Friends Network. This will allow you to read their journals all <a href="/friends">aggregated on one page</a>. The same feature will allow your friends to read anything that you write, ensuring that you get quick support whenever you need it.</li> </ol>

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