General : How do I get started? (FAQs)

You can get started a couple of ways: <ul> <li>Let us provide you with <a href="/article/screencast">recommendations</a> based on your list of favorite foods <br><br> As you enter data into your daily food log, the Food Recommendation tool will automatically recommend different healthy options for future meals. Who knows? You may learn about new foods or alternative cooking methods you might never have tried otherwise. In order to log foods, you will have to <a href="/cc/account/login.php">create a free account</a>.</li><br> <li>Learn your Diet Profile by taking a <a href="/diet-profile">short test</a> <br><br> Figure out what type of eater you are and you might just find the answer to permanent weight loss. Take the Diet Profile Test and learn which of the six common Diet Profiles fits you best. Whether you're an emotional eater who uses food as reward (or punishment), or a team player who feels pressure to eat what everyone else is having, each Profile offers strategies and tips on how to avoid the pitfalls and self-sabotage that come with that particular Profile's territory.</li><br> <li>Browse our <a href="/forums">public forums</a> and exchange tips and experiences <br><br> Our dynamic and vibrant community is the ultimate trademark of Calorie Count. People that you meet on this site are all here for one reason - to improve their weight and health, and they all realize that this challenge can be best approached in a group. So introduce yourself to us on the forums and let's make those pounds disappear together!</li> </ul>

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