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Before we recommend a calorie target we need to know a bit more about you.

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Activity Level
Check the activity level that best matches your lifestyle.

  • At work - you work in an office
  • At home - you're usually sitting, reading, typing or working at a computer
  • Exercise - you don't exercise regularly
  • At work - you walk a lot
  • At home - you keep yourself busy and move a lot
  • Exercise - you participate in light exercise or take long walks
  • At work - you are very active much of the day
  • At home - you rarely sit and do heavy housework or gardening
  • Exercise - you exercise several times a week and push yourself pretty hard
  • At work - you hold a labor-intensive job such as construction worker or bicycle messenger
  • At home - you are very active with heavy lifting and other rigorous activities
  • Exercise - you participate in physical sports such as jogging or mountain-biking each day
Goal Date

Leave the goal date blank to have one automatically selected for you.

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