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Cashew Roca Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address P.O. Box 1596
Tacoma, Washington 98401
United States
Phone 800 445-9020
Added 2011-01-02 22:34:58
It all started in our Friday morning brainstorming meeting. "There are other nuts, there are other wonderful nuts," went the refrain. We are always experimenting, and cashews have always been a favorite ingredient. When we first tasted the result we were astounded by the way the buttery richness of the cashew nut complements the ROCAŽ buttercrunch toffee. If your favorite nut is the cashew, you'll want to try some today. CASHEW ROCAŽ buttercrunch toffee is wrapped in electric blue foil and packaged in golden caramel canisters and designer oval tins.

Parent Company:

Brown & Haley

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