Calories in White Tea

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White Tea Calories

Check here for white tea calories and nutrition facts. White tea, brewed at home contains zero calories, while some manufactured white teas can contain up to 100 calories because of the sugar content. Avoid sweetened white teas to gain the most benefits. White tea also contains less caffeine than both green tea and black tea.

White Tea Information

White tea, recently gaining attention for its positive health effects, is made from tea leaves than have undergone the less processing than black and green tea leaves. The leaves are steamed to produce the sweet, silky taste. White tea information has been studied and researchers have found that it has more potent antioxidant effects because the tealeaves are left so close to their natural state increasing the polyphenol content. Polyphenols are the powerful antioxidant that prevent and fight disease by lowering LDL cholesterol and reducing risk of bloods that cause heart disease and stroke. Drinking white tea regularly can help boost your immune system and fight off bacteria that cause disease and tooth decay. Because of the high antioxidant content, white tea has the most potent anticancer effects, and is the most effective of all teas in fighting off bacterial and fungal infections.