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Calories in Water

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Water Health Information

Water makes up about 60% of your body weight, making it the principle body component. Every system requires water to function properly. Lack of adequate amounts of water can lead to mild dehydration with the first symptoms being tired and dizziness. However, prolonged lack of water can lead to severe dehydration that will lead to death. Adequate consumption of water is approximately 3 Liters or 13 cups for a healthy adult male and 2.2 Liters or 9 cups for a healthy adult woman per day. However, this recommendation will vary based on activity level, environment, illness, or pregnancy.

Water Health Facts

Water health facts are far and wide. Water is essential to survive. Water calories alone are negligible but there are many other sources of water besides the tap. Foods also contribute significantly to achieve your fluid requirements. Foods with a high water content include fruits and vegetables, some of the highest being tomatoes and watermelon. Other beverages contain lots of water such as milk, soda, beer, coffee and tea but water is always the best option. Because of all the water health information that is known it is important to stay safely hydrated.