How many calories can a waitress burn?
Asked by sweet_katraxita on Oct 13, 2008 in Fitness

I work at a restaurant, and most of the time, I am running around carrying heavy objects.  How many calories can I burn, for example, in 9 hours?


To log your activity from waitressing, select "Walking - 3.5 Mph, Briskly and Carrying Objects Less Than 25 Pounds".  Use the Activity calculator to find the calories that you, personally, burn.  The calculator is set to your actual weight because, for two individuals performing the same activity, the heavier one will burn more calories.  In setting your overall activity level (for the Burn Meter), base it on the days when you don't work, and then log your activity from waitressing on your work days.  Adjust the time for the hours you spend actually walking while carrying heavy trays.  For instance, in a nine hour shift, you might be carrying trays for seven hours.

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