Calories in Turkish Food

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Dishes Containing Healthy Turkish Food

Turkish cuisine can be very healthy as it is also part of the well-known ‘Mediterranean diet’ and is based on utilizing olive oil in cooking, plenty of vegetables, and fish, very similar to Greek food. When dining out, you can choose healthy Turkish food among the many mezes, or small appetizers, which may be served. Just make sure to monitor your intake of yogurt topped or prepped with cream dishes which are packed with fat calories. The cuisine is also known for its kebabs which can be contain lean meat, vegetables, and served alongside a serving of starch for a balanced meal. Many fruits, either fresh or dried, are mainstays in the cuisine such as figs, dates, apricots, and plums.

Major Turkish Food Calories Sources

To keep track of your intake of Turkish food calories, utilize our database and be smart about your portions. Many calories can come from the yogurt additions which is very prevalent in Turkish food dishes. When dining out, ask for the yogurt sauce on the side if you are able to in order to save calories and fat. The very popular dessert, baklava, a sweet pastry with layers of dough, chopped nuts, and honey is very energy dense and could be the caloric equivalent of a meal if you consume a portion.