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Dessert Nutrition Facts

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Find Desserts and Sweets to Enjoy While Counting Calories

You may think you have to say no to sweets while you count calories, but a healthy lifestyle includes allowances for a little indulgence from time to time. Find dessert nutrition facts by searching the Sweets browser page. You can control the calories in dessert by searching the browser for low calorie desserts. You can search the nutrition values of sweeteners on this page as well. The calories and nutrition of candy, ice cream, and sugars and syrups are all covered.

Find out if certain puddings are healthier than others. You can also search the calories in icings, toppings and jellies to keep them from breaking your diet. Even chewing gum nutrition facts are provided in the browser. You will find the best options for your sweet tooth on this page and even if you go for a candy bar, you can pick the one with the least calories or sugar. Make better decisions in the kitchen by watching the amount of certain sweeteners you add to your meals. By experimenting with the amount of sweetener you put into your food, you can learn to lower your sugar intake, but still get the taste you want.