Calories in Starbucks Coffee

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Starbucks Nutrition Information

Starbucks nutrition information and Starbucks health facts can be found here and also posted at every location on the main menu board. Certain Starbucks drinks can be very caloric such as the Frappuchinos topped with whipped cream or rich, flavored lattes. Before ordering, make sure to look at the nutrition in Starbucks drinks to find the best option. Because Starbucks has so many options and flavors it is possible to still get a delicious, yet healthy Starbucks drink.

Healthy Starbucks Facts

Healthy Starbucks options can be found on their under 200-calorie menu. Starbucks health facts show that there are good options for low-calorie drinks such as unsweetened passion tea, skinny vanilla latte, or non-fat cappuccinos. They are also now offering lower calorie options of the popular Frappuchino drink in all flavors. However, be mindful that many of these drinks do contain about 100 calories and adding them to your diet on a daily basis can cause weight gain. If you need your morning caffeine options unsweetened teas, and brewed coffee are the best options. Green tea is always a good choice because it contains high amounts of antioxidants. Starbucks unsweetened iced green tea is a great, refreshing and healthy choice! However, limit intake of those drinks that are topped with whipped cream or have sugary syrup flavorings.