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Calories in Spanish Food

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Healthy Spanish Food Choices

You may not realize how healthy Spanish food is as it is part of the Mediterranean diet, similar to Greek food. Spanish cuisine revolves around heart-healthy olive oil as the main source of fat, fresh fruit, vegetables, beans, nuts, as well as fish, which is consumed several times per week. Tapas are also an integral part of the culture, which can consist of smaller plates of healthy Spanish dishes. As far as meat goes, Spain is well known for their ham and although it is high in sodium, ham is a relatively lean source of protein. Gazpacho, a cold, refreshing, low calorie tomato soup, is also a healthy Spanish dish, which is enjoyed by many around the world.

Spanish Food Information and Culture

Spaniards take great pride in their food and Spanish food information varies from region to region due to different climates in each province. The common links are olive oil, garlic and fish as Spain is located on the Iberian Peninsula and is surrounded on three sides by water. Energy dense items that can pack in lots of Spanish food calories include cheeses, sausage (or chorizo), and desserts made from fresh milk or cream. The biggest meal of the day is lunch and it is customary to take and one or two hour break or ‘siesta’ from your workday to eat and take a nap. Spaniards value the importance of eating good food, living, and enjoying life.