Calories in South African Food

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South African Meals

South African meals are diverse and the cuisine is commonly referred to as the “rainbow cuisine” because it has been influenced by many cultures. European and Asian cultures are the most prominent influences seen in South African food dishes. Spicy stews called Bradie, made of varieties of meat and vegetables, are the most popular South African dishes. Fresh seafood is also included in many South African meals because of the coastal location.

South African Nutrition

Braii, the barbeque is essential in South African food dishes and used to prepare the popular meats such as beef, pork or lamb. However, these meats can add up in fat and calories. Because of the abundance of fish, fish and chips is one of the most popular meals. In this dish the fish is deep fried and the chips are french fries. Beef jerky, is a traditional South African snack that is very high in sodium. Look here for South African nutrition information and calories for a variety of foods to help you make the best decision. Try and limit intake of deep-fried foods and take advantage of the wide variety of vegetables such as corn, peppers and green beans and the tropical fruits such as bananas and mango’s that are grown in South Africa!