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Calories in Scandinavian Food

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Scandinavian Dishes

Scandinavian meals often include fresh seafood such as salmon, shrimp, cod and herring. A popular Scandinavian dish is the appetizer Gravlax, raw salmon in sugar salt and dill served as an open-faced sandwich. A common misconception is that Scandinavian dishes are bland and contain little variety other than boiled fish. Although this may be true of the more traditional Scandinavian dishes, more modern dishes include a multitude of flavors introduced from outside influences. Smorgasbords, a popular lunch choice, are bread and butter buffet tables and contain varieties of hot and cold sandwiches with fish, cheese and/or meat. Although fish dishes are consumed regularly, cured cod is traditionally prepared on holidays with pork fat and bacon.

Scandinavian Nutrition

Nutrition in Scandinavia is far from ideal because of the high intakes of saturated fats and sodium leading to a high prevalence of cardiovascular disease seen here. Dairy products such as sour cream, butter milk, and cheese are heavily consumed, contributing to high intake of saturated fat. Because fish is the staple of Scandinavian cuisine, it is possible to improve the nutrition quality if its prepared boiled or grilled with a light sauce. Oily fishes such as salmon and mackerel are highly consumed here and a great source of Omega-3 fat that can help reduce heart disease risk. Look here to get information on Scandinavian nutrition for your favorite dishes.