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Calories in Russian Food

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Russian Food Dishes

Since Russia is the largest country in the world, there is a wide variety of dishes and food cultures within the cuisine. However one thing in common is their long, cold winters which account for many of the dishes being high in carbohydrate for energy and fat for insulation and warmth. Soup, both hot and cold, is also a mainstay of Russian food dishes. One classic Russian soup is Borscht which is typically prepared with beets and other vegetables. If not a meal in itself, soup can be served for breakfast or as the second course for lunch or dinner coming after an appetizer and before the main course.

Healthy Russian Food

Soups contribute to options for healthy Russian food since they are broth-based, typically packed with vegetables, and can often contain fish. Another healthy dish is kasha which refers to porridge and is usually made from buckwheat, providing a solid dose of fiber and other nutrients. Tea is a large part of Russian culture, many of the nation’s people consume it and it is usually the black or green variety. Tea has been touted for many health benefits including its antioxidant content and can potentially help reduce the risk for various cancers and heart disease.