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Calories in Portuguese Food

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Portuguese Meals

Portuguese meals are closely related to Mediterranean cuisine, and the healthy Mediterranean diet. Portuguese food dishes frequently contain chili peppers, cinnamon, vanilla and saffron to provide a variety of flavors. Olive oil is the basis of Portuguese cooking providing many heart healthy benefits. Portuguese meals, excluding breakfast, usually contain three main courses along with a soup. Breakfast is simple and usually consists of just a sweet pastry or cereal.

Portuguese Food Dishes

There are many Portuguese food dishes containing fish and seafood prepared in a variety of ways. Cod is the most consumed fish and it is either dried and salted or flavoured with olive oil and vinegar. Another popular dish is the Portuguese steak which is a slice of fried beef or pork prepared in a wine-based sauce. Smaller versions of these are served in a roll and eaten as a snack. Starches such as rice and potatoes are extremely common. Try to substitute this with the other popular Portuguese vegetables such as tomatoes, cabbage and onions to consume fewer calories. Portuguese cheese made from sheep or goat milk produce strong flavors and are eaten on its own before or after the main dishes.