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This food browser page will give pork calories and nutrition information in commonly prepared dishes. Widely known as the other white meat, pork is actually treated as a red meat by the USDA. Pork is smoked, fried, baked and cured the world around. Charcutiers, those who prepare bacon, ham, sausage and pâtés make a living off of the many ways that pork can be used to satisfy the appetite. Get to know the nutrition facts for pork roast and pork chops, as well as how the calories in pork products, such as barbecue staples like hot dogs, ribs, and pepperoni, will affect your daily nutritional analysis.

Like beef, pork nutrition facts vary according to the cut of meat. The most known cuts of pork are ribs, loin, shoulder, side, and leg. Less so, you may have heard some eat ham hocks, pig feet, and even pig tongue. It’s important to note that all pork has nutritional value, such as loads of niacin, but the calories in pork vary greatly depending on the fat content of the cut. Also of note is that trimmed pork has less total fat and fewer calories than many domesticated animals. While eating pork may be an iffy subject for some, using the information from this page may help you make better decisions for your health and peace of mind.

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