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Calories in Polish Food

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Hearty Polish Food Dishes

If you have never had Polish food dishes, the first thing you must know is that they are hearty, much like Russian food, and contain a lot of meats, cream, and eggs. Typically, the main meal is consumed mid-afternoon and contains multiple courses including a soup, appetizer, main, sides which include dishes like potatoes and kasha, and a dessert. A dessert which is quite common and also popular during holidays in Poland is a poppy seed cake. Well known Polish foods one might be familiar with are kielbasa, an Eastern European sausage, and pierogi which are dumplings that can be filled with various foods like cheese, meat, potato, even fruit.

Healthy Polish Food Options

Because many of the dishes are rich and hearty, it is difficult to find healthy Polish food options. For an appetizer, a popular item includes tomato soup which can be a filling start and help you get nutrients in before feasting on some of the more unhealthy fare. Bread is a standard item in Polish cuisine and often it is made from wheat or rye flour so it may offer a dose of fiber to your meal. In addition, while not a traditionally healthy dish, sauerkraut is prevalent in Poland and as it is prepared from cabbage with few calories it might be a good option to pair with a fattier meat for balance.