Calories in New Zealand Food

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New Zealand Meals

New Zealand meals are known to be largely cooked from scratch. The largest meal in New Zealand is eaten at dinner in the evening as opposed to many cultures who consume the largest meal at lunch. The number of fast food restaurants has increased recently in the last few decades and are now just as prominent as they are in the United States and Britain. Meals in New Zealand can be very diverse because they include cuisines from multiple cultures including Thai, Indian, Japanese and Chinese. The wide variety of influences creates many options in choosing healthy New Zealand food.

New Zealand Food Dishes

New Zealand food dishes incorporate multiple cultures and rely heavily on seafood and lamb. Fish and Chips the traditional take-away meal originates in New Zealand. Although limit intake of this dish because it is deep-fried and high in calories. Chose a fish option that is prepared by grilling or baking instead of frying. Pavlova, the national dessert of New Zealand is a meringue based pie and usually topped with kiwi. Without the whipped cream, this can serve as a healthy option to satisfy your sweet tooth! Look here to find New Zealand food calories for other great choices.