Calories in Mexican Food

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Find out the Nutrition Facts for Mexican Food

A dining out experience with Mexican food is fun and festive – but it also can wreak havoc on your waistline. When you discover the nutrition facts for Mexican food, your first instinct may be to run away from the mariachi band and go out for sushi. It’s true that many components of the meal can be high in fat and low in fiber but there is still a ton of good nutrition in Mexican food if you order or prepare it properly. By using our search fields, you can discover what the nutrient facts are for a typical Mexican dish in a restaurant or in pre-packaged meals.


Balanced Nutrition in Mexican Food

Mexican food can make for a balanced meal as the classic dishes combine protein with fat and carbohydrate. If dining out is daunting, try preparing your own high fiber, low fat Mexican meals at home. Ditch the refined carbohydrates found in white flour tortillas and white rice and choose whole grain versions. Instead of refried beans, serve black beans for a fiber and protein boost. When it comes to cheese use moderately or swap out for low-fat and prepare lean beef, chicken, or fish for your main protein source. Guacamole can also be a great source of nutrition in Mexican food but stick to two tablespoons to benefit from the heart healthy fat without excess calories.