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Get Meal Nutrition Information to Choose Healthy Entrees and Side Dishes

Frozen meals and canned goods are one of the most convenient ways to eat a quick meal by making lunches easier to pack and cooking dinner quicker. However, choosing the right items means doing a little research before you walk through the doors of your grocery store. Leave compulsive buys behind, by vetting your usual items and find new items to add to your diet by using the Entrees, Meals and Sides Browser. Find healthy side dishes by comparing the nutrition in meals from different brands. The same frozen meal calories in one product could mean higher sodium content. Use this browser to take the mystery out of finding pre-cooked meals.

Do you have a date at a Mediterranean or Brazilian restaurant and you have no clue what the menu means for your waistline, let alone what ingredients it will include? Find those dishes in the browser and learn how you can get the proper amount of protein, fat, and carbs from your choices. Not sure if certain ingredients are ok to have? Search individual ingredients and see how having sauce on the side, or asking for half a portion of meat could improve the healthfulness of your entrée.