Calories in Mai Tai

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Mai Tai Information

A Mai Tai is a sweet and fruity cocktail made from rum, curacao liquor and lime juice. “Mai Tai” translates from Tahitian to mean “out of this world.” The Mai Tai recipe was invented in 1944 in Oakland’s Trader Vic’s and has changed greatly over the years. There are many variations of this cocktail including replacing the lime juice with pineapple or orange juice. Mai Tais are loaded with sugar and the consumption of alcohol and sugar-loaded beverages has been correlated to many health problems and obesity.

Mai Tai Nutrition

It is important to limit consumption because of the high number of Mai Tai calories, sugar content, and alcohol content. A standard sized Mai Tai cocktail will contain approximately 250 calories and at least 18 grams of sugar. However, this will vary based on exactly how it is prepared. Look here to get all Mai Tai Nutrition Information. Stick to drinking sugar-loaded alcoholic beverages in moderation. Too much alcohol can cause liver damage, cancer and heart problems. In addition, too much alcohol will cause weight gain. If trying to lose weight, opt for a cocktail such as liquor with a zero or low calorie beverage such as diet coke to lower calorie and sugar consumption.