Are calories in liquids the same as calories in solids?
Asked by winterinsomnia on Nov 28, 2010 in Nutrition

There are a lot of calories in skim milk and orange juice. Do calories really work the same way - whether it's a liquid or a solid? Do they burn the same way?


Current scientific knowledge does not differentiate between the calories in liquid and solid foods; however, recent studies show that calories in liquids may less filling that calories in solids, and so people may not compensate liquid calories by eating less.  Perhaps liquids leave the stomach too quickly for the brain to register and respond.  But the concept nutrient density is more important. It's the measure of nutrients in relation to calories. When the nutrient density is high, the calories are worth consuming.  For example, there are approximately the same number of calories in 8 oz of non-fat milk and Coke, but milk has a high nutrient density while soda does not.

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