Calories in Latte

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Latte Information

A latte, derived from the Italian café latte, is a coffee drink made from espresso and steamed milk. There are many variants of the traditional latte using different milks and flavorings. Latte nutrition information is relatively constant between coffee shops and brands but once additional ingredients are added such as sugar, whipped cream, flavoring syrups, or chocolate there is a lot more variation from a plain latte.

Latte Nutrition

An ideal healthy latte is one made with either steamed fat free, low fat or soy milk. These lattes contain no saturated fat, are low in cholesterol and are a great source of calcium. However, lattes are generally very high in sugar. The main source of latte calories come from the steamed milk added to the espresso. In a 12 oz. latte there are approximately 120-200 calories. However, if using whole milk the calories increase as well as the saturated fat content. Make sure to check the latte nutrition information for all sizes and types before ordering. Once in a while, a latte is a great treat but if managing your weight, switching to a standard coffee with non-fat milk will make a great difference.

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