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Calories in Latin Food

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Healthy Latin Food

Food in Latin America is highly diverse and has a variety of cuisines produced by the array of cultures. There are many healthy Latin food options but be careful of how they are prepared! Yellow rice is typically made with oil and butter so try and choose white or brown rice instead. Black beans, a staple food, are a great source of fiber and other nutrients that have many health benefits such as lowering LDL or “bad” cholesterol. However, re-fried beans are a common Latin dish made by cooking the beans when dry and then frying with lard or vegetable oil. Ceviche, is a popular low calorie appetizer option and is raw fish and shellfish marinated in citrus juice with cilantro. Choose a fresh mango or mango sorbet for a great low calorie and satisfying dessert option.

Latin Food Dishes

Maize based dishes like tortillas and tamales are common Latin food dishes. Salsas and other condiments like guacamole and pico de gallo give Latin cuisine its unique flavor. Paella, originating from Spain, is a common Latin food dish composed of rice, saffron, oil and seafood or chicken. Because paella is so simple to make, it is often used to serve large groups of people. Desserts are typically very sweet and include rice pudding and dulce de leche gelato.