Calories in Italian Food

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Healthy Italian Food Information

Italian food is not all about carbohydrates and fried, cheesy dishes. There are plenty of healthy Italian food options and ways to balance your meals when eating out or at home. Instead of a fried calamari appetizer, choose a tomato-based soup like minestrone with beans to fill you up on few calories. Dishes prepared Parmagiana, Milanese, or Fritti are typically breaded, fried, and often with cheese so choose wisely or save for a special occasion. Instead dine on grilled seafood or simple cuts of lean meat prepared with lemon and olive oil or marinara sauce. Choose thin crust pizza whenever possible and try to top with veggies for some fiber and a vitamin boost. By using this basic Italian food information, you can make healthy choices without compromising on taste.


Trick to Save Italian Food Calories

In Italy and authentic Italian restaurants, pasta is a Primi Piatti (or first plate) and usually contains one cup of pasta which is the size of a woman’s fist. In America, many restaurants serve 4-5 cups of pasta for a main dish and at 200 calories a cup, you can be consuming 1000 calories before any sauce or other additions. To save on Italian food calories, eat like the Italians do! You can still have your pasta and eat it too but make it a side dish or appetizer and pair with lean protein and vegetables.

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