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Is Greek Yogurt Good For You?

When choosing yogurt, many wonder why is Greek yogurt better for you? You may have heard that the health benefits of Greek yogurt are numerous, but what is in Greek yogurt that gives it that thick, creamy texture? The continuous straining of whey results in that texture, and whether or not you like yogurt, there is no denying that Greek yogurt health benefits are plenty for your digestive tract and nutrient intake. First, it is a great source of protein, which can help you feel fuller, and calcium, needed for strong bones and teeth. It also has much less sugar than regular yogurt, since a lot of the sugar is lost during the straining process. Other reasons to why is Greek yogurt healthy include minimal processing and heat treating, both of which usually kill off healthy bacteria. Our bodies, specifically our digestive tracts, benefit from these bacteria, and they even help with better calcium absorption!

What to Eat With Greek Yogurt?

It is typical to eat Greek yogurt just like regular yogurt, but low calorie Greek yogurt may seem bland without the addition of nuts or fruit chopped into it. Interestingly, it is often used in cooking as well, due to the Greek yogurt health facts mentioned above. Using some as a base for a dressing or soup can help cut calories, which also explains why is Greek yogurt good for weight loss.

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