Calories in Greek Food

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Long Live Healthy Greek Food

You may have heard of the Mediterranean diet which has a lot of roots in healthy Greek food. This cuisine’s landmarks are heart healthy fats from oils and fresh fish, fruits, veggies, and a glass of red wine in moderation. The Greek nutrition information that comprises these foods has been linked to lower rates of heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and even cancer. By making small changes in your dietary routine, such as adding more vegetables or consuming more fish instead of red meat, you might be able to ward off disease as well and live a longer, more nutritious life.

The Greek Food Information You Need to Know

While much Greek food information touts healthy figures, there are some foods and dishes you want to take caution with. It is a misconception that feta cheese is a low-fat cheese as it will cost you the same amount of fat per ounce than many other varieties. A large amount of Greek food calories may come from a small portion of fried food like falafel. Although falafel is vegetarian, it is also deep-fried, typically topped with high-calorie yogurt sauce, and stuffed into a pita. You can save calories by simply asking for yogurt sauce on the side and use it more sparingly.

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